At Belaxe, we know what our clients want. They want more than just a simple translation: quality, flexibility, intelligibility, punctual deadlines, confidentiality... In short, a professional quality service.

Quite a few years have gone by since we created BELAXE back in 1991, but they have not gone by in vain. Over this time, we have learned that besides reproducing the same message, the texts must be easy to read and to understand.
This is why we use lifelong learning to study in greater depth the key to language and translating, and we provide ourselves with the right personal, technical and computer resources, with the following aims:
  • To offer translations in any language and any type of text.
  • To have native and professional translators in all languages.
  • To provide a fast and flexible service.
  • To provide quick quotes.
  • To meet deadlines.
  • To translate in the client’s chosen format.
  • To gain the client’s trust.

Zatoz, ez zara damutuko